• Dog Lovers- How to Keep Busy During a Pandemic

    2 days ago - By Talent Hounds

    Hey Dog Lovers, check out these great ideas on how to keep busy during a pandemic.
    Please reach out if are you feeling trapped, bored, lonely or depressed? It's perfectly natural.
    Staying at home all day without seeing friends or going to work can be very tough to adapt to. Plus there is the added stress of loss of income and health risks for many. It's important we all get enough mental as well as physical exercise in difficult circumstances. Hopefully these ideas will help you make the most of your time and improve your mood.
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    If you don't have a...
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  • Is Your Dog Bored? Check Out Signs and Solutions

    Is Your Dog Bored? Check Out Signs and Solutions

    2 days ago - By Talent Hounds

    You may be wondering, do dogs get bored? The answer is YES! Without proper play, stimulation and exercise, dogs can easily become bored, especially the higher energy working breeds like border collies.
    Dogs that are bored often show signs or find destructive ways to entertain themselves. When our golden lab Cookie was bored inside in winter, she would chew on the basement wall and stairs and sofa. When Kilo gets bored, and wants to play, he comes and paws at me or jumps on me or nips and whines. If home alone, he sometimes empties the recycling all over the floor or climbs like a ninja or...
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